Understanding colour

Colour your life: Change your life

“…colour sensitivity and awareness can constitute a major weapon against forces of insensitivity and brutalization. (Albers p xi) Colour sensitivity as a weapon? So provocative. This bold statement was made by someone whose seminal work Interaction of Colour,, has recently had a 50th anniversary edition. Someone who knows what he is talking about. How can we use colour awareness against forces of brutalisation? How can we? I don’t know the answer to…    read more 

That ol’ colour blue

July 11, 2017    

I have just painted a sun room with a colour called Shimmer, that is a light blue verging on aqua. The freshness, the liveliness, the immediacy of the colour makes me happy. Colour affects us even if we think we are indifferent to it or have no sense of colour. Think of this; when people feel unwell they will often use the phrase “feeling off colour”, or “in the pink” if they…    read more 

What is it with the colour blue?

February 26, 2017    

At the exhibition by the installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney I walked into a large-scale room with three walls covered with small blue counters that switched on and off randomly. I felt an immediate sense of calm and stillness in the room even though the installation is called Mega Death and was devised to represent the numerous deaths by war and terrorism in the 20thC….    read more