Random thoughts on colour

Colour your life: Change your life

“…colour sensitivity and awareness can constitute a major weapon against forces of insensitivity and brutalization. (Albers p xi) Colour sensitivity as a weapon? So provocative. This bold statement was made by someone whose seminal work Interaction of Colour,, has recently had a 50th anniversary edition. Someone who knows what he is talking about. How can we use colour awareness against forces of brutalisation? How can we? I don’t know the answer to…    read more 

Adobe Draw vs Procreate

July 14, 2017    

Adobe Draw and Procreate are both iPad apps for drawing and painting. I had begun to get a handle on Procreate and loved the immediacy of the painting tools and of course the undo action…something that I couldn’t do when using paints and canvas…so frustrating. I also wanted to find ways to develop my drawing skills using Procreate and started an online drawing course. The course is taught using traditional methods of…    read more 

That ol’ colour blue

July 11, 2017    

I have just painted a sun room with a colour called Shimmer, that is a light blue verging on aqua. The freshness, the liveliness, the immediacy of the colour makes me happy. Colour affects us even if we think we are indifferent to it or have no sense of colour. Think of this; when people feel unwell they will often use the phrase “feeling off colour”, or “in the pink” if they…    read more 

The Macaw encounter

May 1, 2017    

Coming towards me along the beach was a man walking with a Macaw on his arm. The Macaw is a large bird with fantastic plumage and distinctive face patterning. Not a usual site on my local beach but a welcome encounter. The bird was tethered to his arm but seems quite affectionate and calm. Who knows? The facial markings inspired me to do a drawing and rather than draw onto paper as…    read more 

Fabulous Procreate

April 28, 2017    

I purchased Procreate and immediately sourced many Youtube videos to work out how to use it. I am not an intuitive user of software and always rely on others’ expertise to crack open the door for me so I can begin to see what is in the room. I generally do a pencil drawing and scan it or photograph it into my software program such as Illustrator so I continued with this…    read more 

A new direction

April 28, 2017    

A visit to a David Hockney exhibition earlier this year significantly changed the way I wanted to be a digital artist. I sat mesmerised in front of video screens watching the re-enactment of an iPad painting being created. How did he do that? How did he move objects around and transform them? How did it look so damned painterly? I learned that he uses an App called Procreate on an IPad Pro…    read more 

Colouring in: a meditative act

April 6, 2017    

Adult colouring in books. Who knew? Well I did. Colouring in has been taken up as a form of meditative practice as the right side of the brain takes over from the analytical rational left side. The focus is just on the line and colour and the exploration of a personal aesthetic sensibility. So, click on my Free stuff link and down load a mandala to colour in. I will regularly add…    read more 

What is it with the colour blue?

February 26, 2017    

At the exhibition by the installation artist Tatsuo Miyajima at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney I walked into a large-scale room with three walls covered with small blue counters that switched on and off randomly. I felt an immediate sense of calm and stillness in the room even though the installation is called Mega Death and was devised to represent the numerous deaths by war and terrorism in the 20thC….    read more 

How do we see colour?

December 6, 2016    

This blog will keep track of my investigation into colour therapy. I completed a colour therapy course that piqued my interest in the electromagnetic spectrum. Visible light , the colour spectrum ,is on the electr-omagnetic spectrum. Who knew? So my jumping off place is to have a broader understanding of the electro-magnetic spectrum and how the colour spectrum fits in.  

The effects of Invisible light

December 29, 2015    

The colour spectrum, or visible light, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum (EM) is the range of all types of EM radiation. The electromagnet spectrum is divided into regions dependent on the length of the wavelength and the frequency of the vibrations. Visible light or the colour spectrum has a short wavelength and high frequency. Other regions on the electromagnetic spectrum include radio waves, , infrared waves, ultraviolet waves,…    read more