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July 14, 2017     ahahdodo    

Adobe Draw and Procreate are both iPad apps for drawing and painting. I had begun to get a handle on Procreate and loved the immediacy of the painting tools and of course the undo action…something that I couldn’t do when using paints and canvas…so frustrating.

I also wanted to find ways to develop my drawing skills using Procreate and started an online drawing course. The course is taught using traditional methods of paper and pencil but I was keen to try out the tools in Procreate. After trying the free lesson, I bought the course as I realised I could easily apply the techniques to the tools in Procreate. (Pencil Drawing Made Easy)

I used the pencil tools in Procreate as I would in a traditional way with pencil and paper, and after trial and error could achieve the shading I wanted with the Apple stylus.

I drew the seagull using the sketching tools such as the HB and 6B pencils, and the watercolour pencil for the shading.

I started using Adobe Draw as it is part of the Adobe Illustrator family for vector art work and I love Illustrator.. It is a much simpler program than Procreate with only a few tools and few options to manipulate the artwork. It took me a bit of time to work out how I might use it differently to Procreate and I can see now that both program really expand my use of the iPad as a studio.

I drew the fish in Adobe Draw and found it a better program for line art than Procreate though that could be inexperience.

For both illustrations, I scanned in a drawing and used the drawing as a base layer to work from.  Adobe Draw was a much better option for me for patterned line work. Also in Adobe Draw, as it is vector art, you can resize the image without losing any quality or sharpness.

I will continue to play around with them both. Like all software there is always something new to learn.

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