That ol’ colour blue

July 11, 2017     ahahdodo    

I have just painted a sun room with a colour called Shimmer, that is a light blue verging on aqua. The freshness, the liveliness, the immediacy of the colour makes me happy.

Colour affects us even if we think we are indifferent to it or have no sense of colour. Think of this; when people feel unwell they will often use the phrase “feeling off colour”, or “in the pink” if they are feeling well. It seems that references to colour and health are part of our common language but the connection to its meaning has been lost.

But still we intuitively know that “colour is stimulating, calming, expressive, disturbing, impersonal, cultural, vibrant, symbolic” (p1) Holtzschue, 2002

Holtzschue, L. 2002, Understanding Colour, John Wiley & Sons Inc, NY, USA

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