The Macaw encounter

May 1, 2017     ahahdodo    

Coming towards me along the beach was a man walking with a Macaw on his arm. The Macaw is a large bird with fantastic plumage and distinctive face patterning. Not a usual site on my local beach but a welcome encounter. The bird was tethered to his arm but seems quite affectionate and calm. Who knows?

The facial markings inspired me to do a drawing and rather than draw onto paper as is my wont, I sketched straight onto the iPad. In Procreate I created a layer for each bird sketch, a layer for each bird outline and a layer for each bird patterning.

I used a tapered technical pen for the outline and the patterning and an airbrush and smudge tool for the coloured in bits.

I ended up having to do a lot of tidying up and erasing splotches and marks I inadvertently made. I am used to more control with my Wacom tablet and Adobe illustrator and this freehand exercise was more time consuming. I think I need to change my technique for the iPad. However i am trying to streamline my process and  am about to investigate the app Astropad. More on that next time.

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