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April 28, 2017     ahahdodo    

I purchased Procreate and immediately sourced many Youtube videos to work out how to use it. I am not an intuitive user of software and always rely on others’ expertise to crack open the door for me so I can begin to see what is in the room.

I generally do a pencil drawing and scan it or photograph it into my software program such as Illustrator so I continued with this method.

There are many brush and pen tools available in Procreate and too many to explore so I just used an airbrush tool and a technical pen to get started and played around with opacity, thickness and density of the tool.  I found turorials to give me an overview of the product and forums to answer my questions. People are so generous with their advice on some of the forums.

My first painting was a magpie, I painted over a sketch I had scanned in. Using a stylus as the paintbrush was an easy transition. I am a messy painter with traditional paints and I had much more control with this tool. and of course you can always undo your mistakes; no need to ear up the paper.

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