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April 28, 2017     ahahdodo    

A visit to a David Hockney exhibition earlier this year significantly changed the way I wanted to be a digital artist. I sat mesmerised in front of video screens watching the re-enactment of an iPad painting being created. How did he do that? How did he move objects around and transform them? How did it look so damned painterly?

I learned that he uses an App called Procreate on an IPad Pro and an Apple stylus. I had the iPad and acquired the stylus, initially for a 2-week trial with the intention of returning it to the Apple store while I thought more about it; but it never went back to the store.

I have had a Wacom tablet and stylus for some years which I happily use with Adobe illustrator but the immediacy and the painterliness of the iPad paintings just drew me in.

Join me in my exploration of the iPad as my studio in my blog.  I am trying out recommended apps and constantly getting distracted by other tools. What could be more fun.

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