How do our bodies react to colour?

December 29, 2015     ahahdodo    


It is difficult to source research that has extensive or even rigorous studies on the effects of colour on human physiology, however there is historical and empirical evidence on colour or light, as therapy. For example, the ancient Egyptians built healing temples of light; Hippocrates and Rudolf Steiner refer to the use of sunlight in various medical disorders. (The Healing Power of Incoherent Polarized Light )

A few year ago I went to an exhibition by Olafur Eliasson (Take your time: Olafur Eliasson) and walked into a circular room with coloured light radiating from the walls . The colours shifted and so you could stand in front of one part of the wall and if you closed your eyes you could feel the shift in the colours. A warmth from a rosy glow; a coolness from a grey bluish light. People moved around the room experiencing the effects of the light on their bodies.

In another exhibition Eliasson set up an installation that mimicked the power of the sun in the Tate gallery.  Even though no heat radiated from the installation and visitors would come in and lie down on the floor under this vision of a golden light. (The Weather Project).


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